» PID Sanitary globe control valve


Spraytech System's Globe valve provides a flow range ability of 50:1 and carries the effect in controlling cavitation, flashing and the choking concept of the media. With its level of control the affect of start up conditions of the plant where shearing off the internal closing member in form of plug and seat of the trim section take place, Spraytech Systems own high density flow control plug which carries the special design to take care of all such critical start up and cavitation effect of the media help you solve a major cost effectiveness and reduce your major man hour usage and maintenance cost of the plan.

Following are the main features of Spraytech Systems Globe control valve

• The energy conservation of the plant
• High flow control range ability
• High flow recovery and controllability factor
• Low maintenance driven design
• Usage from minus 196 deg cent till plus 550 deg cent application
• High density valve sealing gasket design for high and low temperature
• Used for special chemical sealing design concept in plant for all critical applications
• Modular concept thus introducing major plant design concept feasibility with reduce cost of manpower, maintenance
• Highly efficient build up design

Spraytech Systems Flow control effectively uses the closing member of plug falling or closing in on seat of the trim section of the valve and thus with its contour of

• Linear
• Modified equal percentage
• Equal percentage
• Quick opening

Enables a perfect control of the media effectively to the tune of desired level as per your requirements. Spraytech Systems Manufactures pneumatic actuator with multiple springs and a rolling diaphragm which helps in

• Linear hysteresis of control
• High life cycle of the diaphragm
• Less tension on spring and diaphragm
• Most linear travel record of plug movement
• Valve body free of dead space made of cast stainless steel
• Wetted sealing materials comply with FDA regulations
• Pneumatic Actuator and approved valve accessories (see also Table 1.2)
• Metal or soft-seated valve plug
• Easily detachable clamp connection between body and bonnet
• Suitable for cleaning-in-place (CIP)