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Spraytech Systems Flow Nozzle is used in typically high-velocity, non-viscous, erosive flow. They are suitable for determining the flow rates of fluids at high temperature and high pressure.

Flow Nozzles have a smooth elliptical inlet leading to a throat section with a sharp outlet. Restriction in the fluid flow causes a pressure drop, which relates to the flow rate by applying Bernoulli's equation.

There are three types of Flow Nozzles

• ISA 1932, with corner taps
• ASME long radius, low beta ratio (0.25 < ß < 0.5), with throat tap
• ASME long radius, high beta ratio (0.25 < ß < 0.8), with radius taps (D & D/2)

ASME long radius, low beta ratio Nozzle with throat taps is used in steam turbine performance test As per ASME PTC-6 code.

ISA-1932 nozzle can be mounted with carrier ring or in between flanges with corner taps.

Long radius nozzles are normally with weld - in branch pipe with radius taps, Can be also mounted in between flanges.

To avoid welding of dissimilar metals, nozzles are also installed in the pipe with holding ring.

Salient features & benefits

• Widely used for high pressure & high temperature steam flow
• Useful for flow measurement at high velocities
• Rounded Inlet not subject to wear or damage, extending product life
• Better sweep-through effect for debris and liquids, eliminate damming effect
• Lower susceptibility to erosion
• Extended product life with no moving parts