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Spraytech Systems orifice plate is a device used for measuring flow rate. Either a volumetric or mass flow rate may be determined, depending on the calculation associated with the it. It uses the same principle, namely Bernoulli's principle which states that there is a relationship between the pressure of the fluid and the velocity of the fluid. When the velocity increases, the pressure decreases and vice versa.

Spraytech Systems Orifice Performance

Principally, Spraytech Systems orifice plate is a precision instrument. In best circumstances, the inaccuracy of Orifice plates can possibly fall in the range of 0.75-1.5%. However, there are numerous error causing conditions which can terribly affect the accuracy of Spraytech Systems Orifice plate.

Following factors are used to judge the performance of Spraytech Systems Orifice plate :

1. Precision in the bore calculations
2. Quality of the installation
3. Condition of the plate itself
4. Orifice area ratio
5. Physical properties of the fluid flow under measurement, refer the free length table mentioned below