» Averaging pitot tubes


Spraytech Systems manufactured Averaging Pitot Tubes are another type of differential pressure flowmeters. Averaging Pitot tubes are basically used to detect flow velocity of fluids, gasses,steam, steam water and absolutely all those medias which atmost with 3-5ppm of solids as the max size. Spraytech Systems make averaging Pitot tubes have the potential to measure two pressures at the same time

Advantages in using Spraytech Systems make Averaging Pitot tube

1. Hexagonal sensor in forged construction, enables, perfect velocity and flow distribution, no erosion on the material with media thus
2. With aerodynamic design, enabling, perfect pressure distribution to enable most workable solution against cavitation and flashing conditions of the liquid media and against choking of the gas / vapour media
3. Cost effective measurement against orifice assembly, ventury and flow nozzle as the free length space involved with Spraytech Systems make, is only 2D in upstream and 1D in downstream as compared to higher lengths defined as per beta ratio in ventury, orifice and nozzle
4. No moving parts
5. Type tested to radiography level - 1

i.e. impact (dynamic) and static. The static pressure is the operating pressure in the pipe, duct, or the environment, upstream to the Pitot tube. It is measured at right angles to the flow direction, In a averaging Spraytech Systems make Pitot-static tube, the kinetic energy of the flowing fluid is transformed into potential energy for measurement of fluid flow velocity.